Business Heating

We know that public perception of your business is extremely important to you.  Your customers want to know that they do business with a responsible member of the community seeking to make a difference.  Let Clean Green Energy offer your clients exactly what they want.  Be the leader in your industry and not a follower by utilizing our advanced Biofuels at your facility.

Clean Green Energy can provide your business with the most advanced biofuels on the market, which can extend the life of your equipment while cleaning and lubricating the systems.  Make a major impact in your community by using a fuel that is safer and cleaner than any other fuel available, while cutting costs.

We understand that cost is critical when you run a business.  Our advanced biofuels are the same cost as heating oil, but can cut your costs up to 10% or more with no equipment modification at all.  If you are willing to consider new equipment, you could cut costs up to 50% or more utilizing condensing technology with AFUE efficiencies over 95%.   Our fuels are cleaner than natural gas at blends as low as 13%, and no equipment modifications are necessary up to 20% blends